Separating the Facts and Myths about Vasectomy


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Vasectomy is a common permanent contraception procedure used by many men around the world. Reports indicate that about 20% of all males in America have undergone this procedure. The procedure is one of the most cost effective contraception procedures and is much cheaper compared to tubal ligation in females.

This is often an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The patient can walk out of the clinic after the procedure. However, the efficacy of the procedure will take several months after a doctor or urinary incontinence Des Moines specialist examines you and determines if the procedure has been successful.

Effect on Sex Drive

One of the myths that are often associated with this procedure is that it can lead to impotence or lower sex drive. This is simply not true given that the procedure does not in any way interfere with the erectile function or the sex drive.

Most men after visiting the clinic for the procedure will get back to their normal sex lives once the discomfort is gone. Within a week, most people who underwent the procedure will be fit enough to go to continue with their normal sex lives.

Prostate Cancer

Another misconception is that the procedure is connected to prostate cancer. This misconception is largely due to a poorly unprofessionally done study that deemed to imply those who went through the procedure were prone to this type of cancer.

The result of the study was found to have had an initial bias. The problem was that the study only focused on a group of people and the sample was not properly distributed. Those with a vasectomy were also likely to be in contact with an urologist. The study has since been refuted and proven to be biased and poorly done.

Reversing the Procedure

The procedure can be reversed when you visit a urinary incontinence Des Moines Clinic. The reversal takes about the same time as the actual procedure. However, there are no guarantees. Chances may vary depending on how long the attempt to reverse the procedure is done. If the reversal is done within 3 years chances of success are high. After 10 years the chances are much lower.

Urologist in Des Moines: The Symptoms and Diagnosis of Prostatitis


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Prostatitis accounts for 1 in 10 cases of the men diagnosed with various conditions after they walk out from an urologist in Des Moines clinic. This is also a condition that has in many cases been misdiagnosed and sometimes the symptoms may be confused with those of urinary tract infection or cancer.

Types of Prostatitis

There are several types of prostatitis conditions that can afflict a man. The most common type is the prostatodynia or chronic prostatitis. It is not caused by a bacterial infection like the other types of prostatitis and the real cause for it is unknown.

Another type of prostatitis is the chronic bacterial prostatitis. It often affects middle aged men and is characterized by recurring cases of urinary tract infection. Acute prostatitis is less common and is quite easy to diagnose compared to the other types of prostatitis. The Asymptomatic inflammation prostatitis is caused by the inflammation of the prostate and does not exhibit any symptoms. Urine, semen and prostatic fluid are tested before the diagnosis is done.

Varying Symptoms

When a man walks into an urologist in Des Moines he is likely to exhibit a varying set of symptoms that indicate that he is suffering from prostatitis. The symptoms may be painful urination, frequent urination at night, burning sensation when urinating. These symptoms are often associated with chronic bacterial prostatitis which often causes a fever to develop. These symptoms are similar to those of someone suffering from chronic bacterial prostatitis but there is hardly any fever that develops.

Making the Diagnosis

Any professional Urologist in Des Moines knows how hard it is to diagnose the symptoms and takes care not to do a misdiagnosis. This condition is often confused with cancer and urinary tract infection. Doing the right diagnosis is vey important to ensure that the proper treatment is done to effectively cure the problem.

The diagnosis usually includes a series of questions and a test to determine if you have prostatitis. Your urologist in Des Moines will often do a Digital Rectal Examination to check for lumps and inflammation. The examination may be repeated a couple of times to determine the exact problem.

How an Urologist Can Help for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


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An urologist in Des Moines can have life altering implications for you and your family. Typically, most families are aware of the role that general practitioners play. You would also be aware of the significance of visiting a dentist or of having a family doctor. Similarly, an urologist in Des Moines also plays a major role in your general wellbeing.

There are several medical conditions that can disrupt your lifestyle and cause some serious inconvenience. Some of these medical conditions can become chronic and reach a stage when it becomes incurable. Many of these medical conditions would require you to see an urologist in Des Moines.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men have erectile dysfunction in Des Moines and that includes old as well as the young. ED or impotence has traditionally been associated with age and in some rare cases with malfunctioning of the male reproductive organ. Owing to lifestyle factors and deteriorating health of young and ageing men, erectile dysfunction in Des Moines is no longer a rare phenomenon.

You can either choose to live with erectile dysfunction in Des Moines and rely on temporary solutions or you can see an urologist in Des Moines and opt for surefire solutions. You do not have to bear with the problems that come with erectile dysfunction and a Des Moines urologist can easily offer you the necessary remedies.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections have become very common, among men and women. There are several over the counter medications that people opt for to manage the symptoms of urinary tract infections but what is needed is a cure for the cause of the condition. That is something only an urologist in Des Moines can offer you. Unless a condition is diagnosed, recommending a treatment is not practically possible and an urologist in Des Moines specializes in diagnostics and treatments of problems like urinary tract infections. Such conditions cannot be treated by general practitioners or general doctors.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence, bladder problems and other issues involving abdominal organs are very common, especially among the elderly. Seeing an urologist can offer myriad solutions for all such conditions. Living with urinary incontinence or such medical conditions can be troubling and very discomforting. An urologist in Des Moines can easily offer permanent relief.

There are many other treatments offered by an urologist in Des Moines. For instance, kidney stones can be surgically removed by an urologist, he can conduct vasectomy and cure enlarged prostate among others. While most men see an urologist due to erectile dysfunction in Des Moines, there are many other reasons why you should go to an urologist can seek regular checkups. Being proactively diagnosed is better than discovering medical conditions when they have worsened due to negligence.

Under-an-Hour Vasectomy in Des Moines, Iowa


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Vasectomy in Des Moines, Iowa is a very quick procedure where the doctor will clamp and cut the vans deferens on each testicle. You can enter and get out of the clinic in under an hour (typically the whole procedure takes about 30 minutes on average). After the vans deferens tubes are cut, they will then be stitched or cauterize to be sealed.

Different types of procedures

With some procedures for vasectomy in Des Moines, you don’t always go under the knife. There’s such a thing called no-scalpel vasectomy which uses a hemostat instead. The scrotum is punctured using this method and it doesn’t need stitching.

There’s also the open-ended vasectomy which doesn’t seal the ends of the vans deferens at all. That means your sperm will continue to flow into the scrotum. No needle means you are not going to be injected with local anesthesia. Instead, the area where the doctor will cut a hole will be numbed to take out any pain. Another method is called vas irrigation which involves injecting sterile water or a chemical agent that kills all the sperm.

How effective is it?

It’s actually 99.9% effective as opposed to the 98% efficiency rate of condoms that are used alone. Tubal ligation, by the way, is only about 99.5% effective. There are nearly insignificant risks and the patient can recover quickly. Some clinics offering vasectomy in Des Moines actually also offer prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines.

Completely reversible

Another advantage of vasectomy in Des Moines is that the procedure can be reversed. Unless you went through the vas irrigation method, you can still choose to have children in the future through what is called the vasectomy reversal procedure. There are clinical reports where doctors managed to successfully reverse the procedure even after 25 years.

Is There any Relationship between Prostate Cancer and The Vasectomy in Des Moines Procedure?


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In the early 90s, some scientists came up with startling discoveries that shocked people who were looking for procedures like vasectomy in Des Moines. According to some of the studies some of the scientists had done, the procedure could increase the likelihood of getting prostate cancer. Many years later the studies were found to have no basis and were misleading. The question then is, is there any relationship between the two?

Biased Study

One of the main issues that scientist sponsored by WHO (World Health Organization) found was that the people used in the study had varying characteristics and therefore the conclusions made from the study were not reliable. It was noted that the people who had undergone the procedure had a lower death rate than those who had not.

It was also noted that many from the group that underwent the vasectomy procedure, also went for regular prostate screening. The bias was therefore steeped against those who went for the procedure. It may have failed to notice the higher death rate from the other group who probably succumbed to complications from failing to go for screening for prostate cancer in Des Moines.

Methodological Inconsistencies

In the last 20 years, numerous studies have reviewed the initial studies to find if there was any basis for the claim. People, who have prostate cancer in Des Moines, should know that the condition has nothing to do with procedures done in the past. The review showed a lot of discrepancies and methodological inconsistencies with the studies. For example, the population was not large enough for the study.


WHO is currently conducting new research on a wider scale around the world, but so far there is no correlation between this family planning procedure and the condition. If you are seeking a vasectomy in Des Moines, then there is nothing to fear as the procedure has been proven to be safe and effective.

Reason to Erectile Dysfunction Treatment By Urologist


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Innumerable men suffer from erectile dysfunction in Des Moines; however, most do not opt for any diagnosis or treatment. Visiting an urologist in Des Moines and getting diagnosed is the most obvious thing to do but for many reasons men do not opt for medical intervention for a condition that can ruin one’s personal life and everything associated with it.

Recently, a study was conducted that took into consideration data of more than 6.2 million men in the country who have erectile dysfunction. The number is conservative at best because there are many more men with ED in the United States. The study accounted for details about diagnosis and treatment that these men signed up for. Surprisingly, the study found that more than 75% of these men did not opt for any diagnosis whatsoever; let aside signing up for any treatment.

The statistic has created shockwaves in the world of urological sciences but what is more important is that it shows the taboo that erectile dysfunction still is. Men do not get diagnosed for erectile dysfunction in Des Moines, simply because they do not like to talk about it and are not willing to share details about the condition. There are many physical conditions that compel one to visit an urologist in Des Moines but when it comes to ED, men do not feel comfortable talking about it.

In a nonmedical survey which was conducted a few years back, wives and partners of men with ED reported that the men had trouble communicating or talking about the problem. Shying away from sexual interactions or physical intimacy were the precursors which made it obvious for the women to understand that their men had ED.

The statistic mentioned above cannot be taken just as a mere number. It is inexplicably simple and easy to visit an urologist in Des Moines and to get diagnosed and thereon treated for ED. There is no reason whatsoever that should compel men to shy away from getting diagnosed and treated. The only thing one has to understand is that the condition is normal, completely natural and can happen to anybody. Thus, talking about it and getting treated is perfectly acceptable.

When Should You Seek Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Des Moines


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The inability to “get it up” is a problem that cuts across each man’s very ego. So it’s understandable why most men are reluctant to seek help for erectile dysfunction Des Moines. At some point in their lives, however, men will encounter a problem of sustaining or getting an erection. This shouldn’t be a problem if it only happens in rare occasions. They could be explained away by “triggers” such as stress, extreme fatigue or when they are taking a new pill. If the problem persists, however, it’s time to see a urologist in Des Moines.

What is ED?

When you suffer from ED, it doesn’t mean that your penis won’t stiffen. It does but it’s not considered stiff enough for you to have sex. It’s most common among older men but there are young men who also suffer from the embarrassing problem. The younger they are, the more reluctant they are in seeking the help of an urologist in Des Moines, justifying to themselves that the problem will solve itself. But the problem will not go away just by ignoring it. At the first onset of sustained ED, you should consult a doctor immediately in order to address the issue at the earliest stages when the rate of treating it is very high.

Symptom of a bigger problem

The need to see a urologist is important as yoiur ED could be a symptom of a bigger problem. Serious medical conditions such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction in Des Moines. Or your inability to get an erection can be related to the new medication you are taking, in which case you should inform your doctor immediately. ED can also be a side reaction to radiation therapy or prostrate surgery.

Treating ED

A urologist in Des Moines can prescribe pills to address your erectile dysfunction. But if the pills don’t work, there are other avenues to treat the problem such as injections, penile implants, vacuum pumps or suppositories. Don’t allow the problem to fester. It’s best to face it head on, suffer the embarrassment and seek doctor’s help immediately.  

Erectile Dysfunction Des Moines and What the Latest Studies Tell us About It


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The latest research on male ED, does not provide us with any new information, though it gives us a deeper insight into erectile dysfunction Des Moines. One of the research findings shows that most men do not go for treatment when they suffer from the condition.

Young Men and ED

This study was done on a larger scale. The study was done on a pool of 87 million men by checking the prescription code for ED. The study shows that about 1 in 4 men do not go for treatment. This could be as a result of the embarrassment that is traditionally associated with seeking help. Other studies done confirm this and show that most young people are still uneasy about seeing an urologist Des Moines.

Comparison with an Older Group

Other studies also show that 25% of all people who seek treatment for ED are young men under 40 and quite a number of them are below 30. The study further compares the two groups and analyzing the causes between the two groups and what they mean. It found that most of the older group of people over 40 had cardiovascular problems or were overweight. For the group of young people only less than 10% had a cardiovascular disease.

Both studies underscore that for young people the condition is treatable, and young men ought not to feel embarrassed. Visiting an urologist Des Moines, can help you detect an underlying problem. It could be diabetes or some other cardiovascular conditions.

For young men, it may simply be as a result of drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking. Smoking and alcohol are the most serious problems. After being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction Des Moines you will be in a better position to know what to do and even reverse the condition. Either way you are safer visiting a specialist.

Talking To Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction in Des Moines


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Most men shy away from talking about erectile dysfunction Des Moines. Some men feel uncomfortable to even mention it at all and some men prefer to live in denial. There are many men with erectile dysfunction Des Moines who do not even talk to their wives or partners about it in the fear of embarrassment and they continue to live with the condition without opting for any remedy.

It is important for every man to realize that there are treatments that can cure erectile dysfunction Des Moines but for that you have to own it up and speak to a doctor. When you do decide that you are willing to talk about it, you should speak with your partner or wife as they deserve to know as well. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about it because it is only a physical condition and that can happen to any man. Erectile dysfunction is as common among men as a cyst or polycystic ovary is among women. However, you cannot talk about erectile dysfunction to any doctor or your family physician.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is beyond the scope of a general practitioner or a doctor. You can talk to them and they would recommend that you visit an urologist Des Moines. If a general practitioner or a physician tries to get you diagnosed or offers you any remedy for erectile dysfunction Des Moines then you should never endorse that or go by what they recommend.

It is only an urologist Des Moines who has the specializations and expertise to deal with erectile dysfunction. Thus, what you need to do is find the finest and the most successful urologist Des Moines.

A sense of discomfort or inconvenience will seep in when you have to talk about something which is so personal and impotency is never an easy subject to talk about, for men or women. Hence, it is essential that you consult with an urologist in Des Moines who has the reputation of being friendly, warm, professional and empathetic.

Having Kids after Undergoing Vasectomy in Des Moines


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The concept about reducing male virility notwithstanding, undergoing vasectomy in Des Moines could be the better option compared to ligation because the former medical procedure is actually reversible. It’s called vasovasostomy, which involves reconnecting the vas deferens tubes which were cut and tied during vasectomy. Unlike ligation, which is considered a major operation, a man undergoing vasectomy can leave the hospital after about 2-4 hours of operation. After that, you should be able to resume sexual contact after about a month.

Having more kids

With vasectomy, there’s room for second guessing. Say, five years down the line and you and your wife decided that you want another kid, you can opt for reversal in order to make that happen. But there are preconditions that have to be met. For example, you will be tested for fertility once again, which can be negatively affected by lifestyle, sleeping habits, work stress and vices (cigarettes, alcohol and drugs).

A clinic specializing in urological problems, which include urinary incontinence treatment in Des Moines, can be your best bet in reversing the vasectomy.

Success rate

The success of having a kid again will depend on the slew of factors but the time element is a major reason why some couple could not sire an offspring after the vasovasostomy. That’s because some men have begun to develop anti-bodies vs. their own sperms. Blockage may also form within the tied tubes, which may require additional surgery called vasoepididymostomy.

Generally, the success rate for reversing the effects of vasectomy in Des Moines is high within 10 years after you’ve had your procedure, with figures going more than 50% pregnancy rate. But the chance of success increases within three years of the vasectomy compared to having the reversal procedure after 10 years when the success rate drops down to just 30%.